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I was raised a Roman Catholic, but I eventually found it difficult to reconcile the Word with many Catholic teachings. Even a casual reading will make you question church dogmas such as the worship of the Virgin Mary, the infallibility of the Papacy, and bizarre legends like the "Veronica" in the stations of the cross. I have also investigated Islam's claim to be a religion of peace, and whether Mohammed really received his revelation from YHWH, the God of Israel. In addition, I intend to address the detractors of Scripture, who claim that the Bible is not reliable, or that Yeshua (Jesus) of Nazareth did not even exist, or was formed of legend.

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The reliability of the Quran

Muslims believe that the Quran is the only true, uncorrupted word of God. They claim that the Bible was changed by enemies of God. Find out why this cannot be true.

Philosophy: The Epicurean Riddle

Atheists often cite the Epicurean Riddle when defending their position. See my rebuttal here.

Since I am as great a procrastinator as ever, my research is only in its earliest stages. However, I would like to point you to far greater scholars who have done much of the work already. If you have doubts or fears, or even if you are a staunch atheist, I encourage you to read what these people have to say. It's sure to give you something to think about, at least.

Other Religions

Answering Islam: A collection of essays and resources for those who are Muslims, or are friends and family of Muslims.

Operation Clambake: Information on Scientology, the dangerous quasi-religion started by L. Ron Hubbard.

Seeking the Truth

Christian Answers: An awesome site if you are looking for archaeological or scientific evidence of the accuracy of the Bible. It's also multi-lingual.

God Said, Man Said

Bible Gateway: Don't have a bible? Or did you stash it away when you stopped going to church and termites ate it? Use this one!

Defending our faith

If you have doubts about Christianity, or wish to defend our faith against detractors, these resources will help you.

Faith Defenders: An excellent source of apologetics, including numerous essays (he calls them "sermons") on world religions such as Islam, Buddhism, and Mormonism.

Apologetics Press: Excellent resources for defending the faith against skeptics.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Josh McDowell: In my humble opinion, one of the greatest living Christian apologists. His two-volume set The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict, now available in one book, is compelling reading.

Excerpts from my studies

Is there Messianic prophecy contained in the names of Genesis?